Thursday, September 24, 2009

Modern wallpaper: Birds + botanical print + duck egg blue + red

Luxurious neutral living room + pink accents, from Elle Decor

The living room of Ali Wentworth and George Stephanopoulos' Washington D.C. home. The walls are painted Motley by C2 paint. The built-in bookshelves hold displays of ceramics, shells, and mercury glass. The cocktail table is a vintage army cot topped with glass, the cream-colored chair (near the fireplace) is by Swaim, and the Lee Industries sofas are covered in Millefoglie viscose blend velvet by Brunschwig & Fils. Wentworth used fabric dye to create the pattern on the wool rug.

Modern-traditional mix: Platner table + Barcelona stools + luxe velvet, from Elle Decor

I love the back wall with all the frames. I love the splashes of colour and once again....there's my velvet couch.

Dining room + library: Floating shelves + Wegner wishbone chairs, from Elle Decor

Ideas for small spaces: Stylish storage + modern zebra print from former Domino stylist

The tiny and fabulous Manhattan living room of Michelle Adams, a former domino magazine stylist and the mastermind behind the eco-friendly Rubie Green fabric range. Adams' decor was inspired by the JK Capri Hotel in Italy.

h&garden girl lounger

h&garden girl lounger, originally uploaded by coco+kelley.

I love the fresh feeling I get when I look at this pic. I almost feel like I could curl up on the lounger with a book and sit there for hours.
Check out the felt trim on the wall hanging.

Vintage dental cabinet

This is the most amazing piece, once again...simple lines and oh so elegant

Elegant blue and gray library, featured in Elle Decor

Blue's are my favuorite colours to work with at the moment, I love the simplicty and I love the velvet!!

I love this Vintage kitchen corner

My kitchen corner, originally uploaded by cottonblue.

I love the little blue tea pot!!!

one beatle two beatle three beatle four

, originally uploaded by Aron Covaliu.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hello there my friend!

Stirred Simplicity i absolutely LOVE it...

And yes, my appearence of my picture is a absolute must on this saxy blog...
xxx Mwa

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Birthday cake!!!!

It's my son's birthday on the 12th August...He turns Four! I just can't believe he is four already!!! The enrgy level just increases everyday, I'm using i'm decreasing his intake and increasing mine just to keep up ;)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Eco styled

I just love this idea! Container home - Here i come!

Battered old wood look - this is for tam ;)
firstly ensure the wood has been sanded down to al - natural, then apply first coat - use a different colour, I used steel grey.
once the paint has dried - apply vaseline to the area's where you would like the base colour to come through.
apply two coats of white or what ever you like on top of that and allow that to dry.
white the vaseline off, sand,hammer,scrape, take all your un wanted frustrations out on the piece and allow yourself to go wild

Here's my couch, I saved it, it was about to be dumped but i grabbed it before that could happen. I instantly fell in love with it! i love the simplicity, the art deco...I had the two div covered .... professionally, then ran out of money to do the single chairs. I was a little inspired the other day and stripped it down and used left over fabric. I'm impressed. i like. . . .just got to neaten up the base cushion ;) lol, excuse the patch, couldn't quite get the corner pulled tight enough.

I've fallen in love with things that have stories behind them. I just love the old, I love the stories behind everything. Everything just feels more alive, there's more energy. When I find an old piece of furniture these days i just want to revive it, give it life - i love it!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wow, the very first entry! I'm kind of new at this, too be totally honest I don't even know what my next move is. You know how it is, you have all these awesome ideas moving so fast in your head it's a little hard to grab that special one and go with it. I want my blog to be filled with the latest and maybe not so latest but oh so delicous decor pieces, ideas and news. It's going to take some time but I'll get there!!!! lets get started!! mwa xxx